Johns Creek, Georgia: A Great Place to Live


Johns Creek is an affluent suburb of Atlanta. This particular community has over 80,000 people and is the 13th highest earning city within the United States. The city of Johns Creek is located next to Alpharetta which is a major hub for businesses within the Atlanta area. Johns Creek is made up of families that are high income earners. The average family earns $135,601 a year and the net worth of each household is is close to $860,000. With this kind of financial power, many residents within the city of John Creek have an incredibly high standard of living.


Many people own their homes in Johns Creek, Georgia. The median cost for local homes is about $288,000. This is way above the national average. This figure also indicates that the homes in this area are large structures with lots of room and space for the average sized family. The real estate market in Johns Creek is perfect for sellers.


The values for housing is steadily growing and this means that Johns Creek is a popular place to live. Modern homes in Johns Creek have the latest smart technology and they solar panel systems installed on the roofs of the structures. This type of roofing johns creek ga makes many of the homes in the areas energy efficient and environmental friendly.

johns creek homes

The area has a lot to offer. There are great schools within the city’s limits and the job market is booming. The unemployment rate is only 4.4% and this means that there are plenty of jobs available for local residents. The schools in Johns Creek are some of the best in the state of Georgia. The residents there take education seriously. Since the schools are well funded many of them have state of the art educational facilities which provide a high quality education for all students. There are both public and private institutions within the city.


Johns Creek is also a very safe community to live. While it is true that no place in America is absolutely free from crime and violence; Johns Creek has very low incidence of this type of behavior. The neighborhoods are very safe and people can literally leave their doors and windows open at night without worrying about being victimized. However, it would still be wiser for people to secure their properties just to be on the safe side.

Asian culture and heritage is strong in Johns Creek. Asian people account for nearly 25% of the total population of the city. Their culture, identity and values are clearly shown in Johns Creek. While many Asian people have gravitated toward this area making it one of the most popular Asian cultural centers within the U.S. Alpheretta and Duluth are nearby cities to Johns Creek that have a large Asian population as well.


The city has a lot of upscale shopping centers and restaurants and they even have local fast food restaurants and dollar stores as well. People can drive into Atlanta to see theater or a ballgame since its a 37 minute drive. However, the city of Johns Creek has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment and activities. There are local libraries, sporting events and concerts. Johns Creek is a growing community that is a very popular place to live in Georgia.